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Hypothesis of how the Mind developed

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The work written on this website are just ideas, theories meditations and thought experiments:

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Look at some interesting thoughts such as

Evolution of a robotic collective cannot be detached from humanity’s control. Or could it?

What are floating memories?                                                                

Are single-cells in multi-cellular life-forms Conscious or aware?

At what point did chemistry become life?                                                          

Discovering the mind of God

I Think, therefore I am                                                                                          

Astrology rooted in Enuma Anu Enlil

An evolving Super-Entity becoming the conscience and the hidden force of our destiny

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ENTITISM integrating entities of every kind into a meta-evolutionary theory Entitism Website Protected by COPYSCAPE


Entitism integrates entities of every kind into a meta-evolutionary theory, similar to how formulas eventually connect in

various ways into a whole abstract mathematical theory.

A reason why recent evolution in humans have developed a new way to survive and adapt to protect their kind, is mainly thinking by way of abstract and metaphorical reasoning. From the first abstract thought, humans directed the mind to create theoretical and technological evolutions. The relationship between humans and unique theories together with technological invention is connected mainly by abstract and metaphorical thinking with a mixing of similes.

This is the mind of a freethinker, maybe sceptical but not to be wrongly associated with atheism. The neural processes connect in the mind unresolved business or perhaps an unfinished dream, which I call “floating memories” which need to be fulfilled. These ongoing quests form ideas using mind tools of associations, patterns, synchronicities, etc. An old example is comparing metaphorically a river’s flow along its course with the path of life where either can then determine the other. Another is the mystery behind Lord of the Rings: where the ring metaphorically symbolizes everything about human corruption; and we saw Nature fighting back with Tree Beard’s forest; and only the innocence of a child could carry it to its destruction.

We are metaphysically interconnected with Nature through a kind of algorithmic abstract language formulae, similar to the nature of mathematics. Mathematics helps understand and control the physical while this meta-language has the same effect on the psychological of the living, both Consciously and Unconsciously. There are times when something cannot be explained in normal language terms because no one has a language to explain it. Therefore language has its own evolutionary process with the same rules of adapting to new environments and improbabilistic mutations occur to give positive or negative ability to survive which could apply to neural communities in the brain. We are constantly battling out ideas and thoughts in our brain: some win, some lose and are buried; and various memories are repressed out of site and unfulfilled unable to connect-up and live again, while others may become hauntings.

By reasoning with meta forms of language touching on the realm of religio-philosophy is just a part of a larger complex evolutionary sphere of Entitism. More research is needed to incorporate the whole Universe to understand existence in a different light and escape today’s scientific and religious dogmas as absolute truths. There are only part truths, and that will be the case until the end of evolution.

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