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Author: Chris Monument B.Sc.

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Entitism Abstract

The ancients’ concepts of gods and goddesses were created to metaphorically explain their connection with aspects of Nature and in their development of a far reaching imagination, evolved a strong Conscious desire to survive beyond the grave; and today we still remain wrapped in a pantheistic monotheism. A Conscious and Unconscious fear still stalks the human psyche by this unexplained omniscient and omnipresent god. Why in the 21st Century can God still haunt the human mind causing millions of people to blindly submit to stories from the ancient imagination? Were they somehow privy to secret divine information and phenomena which we today in a more enlightened and scientific world are not allowed access to. During the 60’s and 70’s books were abound about the hidden ancient secrets of gods which have today been blown to pieces through scientific and historical scrutiny. But still as though in some kind of hypnotic trance these ancient beliefs empower both the weak and the strong to blindly spread these prophetical stories and righteous laws.

            Human weakness is always dependent on the blame game for survival which is probably why religion is on the rise again. Insecurity of any inner worth or character, or perhaps the selfish gene induces ambition in the competitive market; then needs look towards others to fit into a community or society causing neural mirroring of a leader’s behaviour in order to become accepted. Single-mindedness now becomes apparent of the whole collective in an anti-evolutionary behaviour of homogeneity. Controlled behaviour brought about by the ancients in their creation of some kind of ordered society in their use of applying fear and love towards local gods and goddesses or reincarnated figures still emanates (1) through into today’s behavioural patterns.

Each neuron within the nervous system is assigned its place, whether in the brain or throughout the body. Input from the senses creates the formation of new synaptic connections between neurons to update memory. Communication is aroused between cells by either a stimulation of the senses, the internal control system, Conscious thought or Unconscious processing. Conscious thought disguises itself as the awakening of an awareness of the external environment to our unique identity.

 In the macroscopic world, each person becomes subtlety assimilated into their role in the humanitarian collective. True communication is allotted for each person on the basis of their ability and position in the collective permitting access to certain people for the purpose of survival. Freedom comes to those who can invoke an independent spirit with an ability to connect or disconnect within the restrictions of the collective’s laws. These laws have to evolve during the collective’s progression preventing a homogenous formation which leaves an inherent knowledge in its wake allowing the foreseer to watch its nature develop and follow in the direction of its heading. On its road, the collective eventually meets up with another community but identities clash but after a time of confliction they both eventually join according to a common purpose, that of the survival of their respective networks. Eventually merging into a larger single collective a new wake is left in history while it heads into the future to meet its next community.

 The microscopic world of the brain projects its model of the humanitarian community which evolves from the stimulations of an external environment collected from natural and technological senses: allowing a collective to reach-out and progress its Consciousness in the Universe and eventually meet-up with new worlds; as other alien collectives under this pattern of evolution will be heading in our direction and until eventually the wake’s pattern becomes seen to be forming a Universal collective.

This controversial hypothesis using analogies led me to come to an unexpected conclusion. How could I believe that Consciousness be part of unique collective identities which could even suggest continual evolutional reincarnationism intrinsic to all entities. The error in the argument for a god is who created God? Metaphorically, this view conjectures a Russian doll of gods representing a self-organized evolution theory which has no need for gods.


1. Perhaps refer to Carl Jung’s archetypes.

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