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Author: Chris Monument B.Sc. entitist@entitism.com

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The Ancients’ designed their gods

Neuronal brain patterns inherited from our ancestors’ surface to drive us from the background in the form of Jung’s archetypes. Carl Jung conceived the notion that we all inherit a collective pattern which surfaces from the Unconscious in the form of dreams and conceptions; and possibly floating memory patterns in the form of templates which form during the foetal stages analogous to fractal progression (1). Symbols and pictures are now used to invoke this Unconscious knowledge using the esoteric arts such as Tarot for example. The ancients used a built-up library of gods to metaphorically represent every aspect of life and Nature on Earth and in the heavens; both of the mortal world and in the afterlife. From this, Jung’s archetypes perhaps still surface to trigger our instincts in the search for a god (2).

Originally, ancient gods were abstractively built upon conceptions behind the unseen forces of natural events and phenomena, believed to be caused by yearly cycles of celestial activity and weather patterns of their local environments. The conception of these numerous gods before the advent of writing by ancient priesthoods’ incited metaphorical experiences in the mind which later through hieroglyphics became the written language of the ancients. There would have become a strong acceptance of the gods in minds’ which would have become revered to the point where the gods induced an inner presence.

This metaphorical power of the gods became incorporated into various changing pantheons through the ages, bestowed on kings but controlled by priests who continually through the millenniums, passed down their secret practices to the initiated. The incarnation of a god from the celestial heavens as king (as demi-gods) such as Pharaoh, was born from the idea that his subjects would hold his laws in reverence, bestowed with absolute power without question. This was built upon the fear of the god-king’s wrath from the Underworld if he was displeased.

During the progression of time, ordinary people began to consider their connection with an afterlife. This led to a new concept of called ‘transmigration of souls’ into physical bodies that was determined by one’s actions of their past life which later in India became known as karma. The aim was to attain the level of becoming one with the Ultimate god which had to be practiced through pure devotion. There was a continual integration of the pantheons until the final amalgamation that represent a one true monotheistic omnipresent omniscient god.

Today’s science has truly uncovered that it is intangible mathematical laws which allows the understanding of the intrinsic physical forces of nature in our recognized 3-dimensional Universe. The divine plan is slowly revealing that matter has the potential freedom to self-organise collective intelligent entities; each entity being born out from another entity, analogous to the layers of a Russian-doll. All Entities continually evolve, driven by their respective inner Unconscious entity (or entities) to progress through time determined by the actions of an outer Conscious entity.

The ancient Egyptians came to believe that they could communicate with the gods of the Underworld. Initially, only the demi-god, Pharaoh possessed this divine connection but later it was believed this attainment could be given to ordinary mortals allowing a Conscious realization of the spirit. The physical body was called the Aufu connected to the Sahu or spiritual realm through three further intermediate levels:

(Physical)                                 AUFU


(The Double, also mind)           KA


(The Unconscious)                   HAIDIT


(Archetypal)                             KHU


(Spiritual)                                 SAHU

Each inner layer was an intermediate stage through which the soul could be incarnated into the physical body. At death the soul then made its return journey back to the spiritual Underworld at the Day of Judgement in the court of the gods (3).

The Indian yogi, Iyengar (4) teaches that the mind becomes brainwashed by the physical senses and that the only way to enlightenment is to realize this and become objective. An external person becomes the object of the senses, while the body remains the object of the mind but the mind becomes the object of the soul. The mind caught in the middle becomes The Double and is easily influenced by the senses and eventually external people can further manipulate the soul. These external influences alter the way of the Entity because this is effectually influencing the Entity’s development. When the Unconscious becomes infected by the Entity’s attraction and eventually controls the individual to become assimilated into Society’s and eventually Humanity’s cause, expanding their collectivisation, this leads towards homogeneity which would jeopardize the Entity’s progression and possibly survival. The Entity must experience conflictions during its eternal development to create diversification and increase its own intelligence; enabling it to further expand its tentacles and become connected with and be part of the Super-Entity’s progression. Therefore, objectification of the mind becomes a practice which can help humanity’s progression. The mind must learn sensory detachment and make the mind itself the object of understanding; to further peel back layers of the mind until its realization of the soul’s presence. In practice the Consciousness expands and does not become so easily distracted by the sensory input. Stagnation of the Entity in the direction of homogeneity is then redirected towards gaining a greater awareness of its life and not become blindly unconsciously driven.

Professor Robert Winston (5) spoke about the laws of Judaism which recognise the condition: the Universe is governed by a principle of Divine Justice, so absolute that even God himself has to acknowledge it; while the Jesus sect taught Divine Love and that we are all one in Christ, with a promise of life after death. God had lived through Jesus and suffered with humanity. All this compares well with the holism of the Super-Entity. Muslims also believe Islam to be the primordial and Universal religion, where even nature itself is Muslim, because its progression obeys the laws of God. Islamists submit to God who is absolute and not divisible unlike the Christian Trinity of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit which pertains to three levels of attainment. By loving the Islamic prophet Muhammad who was said to have directed the word of God through the Qur’an can enable a Muslim to mimic his perfection. The word of God implies that the Supreme-Entity is Conscious of its influence over each individual human (or life-form) and that this feedback to a part of its body continues the same cycle during the Supreme-Entity’s life.

If a part of a State-Entity practiced a dogmatic approach to living then this could suggest the creation of an organ suggesting a particular evolutionary function for the Supreme-Entity’s survival; or even a cancer. A diversity of State-Entities imply particular functions in the cycles of evolution but for the whole of humanity to become under the influence of a single dogmatic belief invokes regression In our own minds as humans we maintain some Conscious control over our body’s functions.

The Biblical monotheistic god is being implied metaphorically as the Supreme-Entity which we are continuing symbiotically as Universal collective to evolve and progress the Supreme-Entity’s Consciousness and conscience. God has the ability to destroy and give life through his being and we as a society and singular life-forms are the actions inside his entity; and as a collective whole give him life. We have also become unconsciously driven by Humanity’s Super-Entity who is able to determine our destiny. The nature within us becomes a part character of the Super-Entity’s Unconsciousness whose will may be found from the behavioural patterns of societies around the World.

Astrology may perhaps be explained from the driving force behind its existence. Not being real science, astrology may now be a developing behaviour of the Super-Entity. Jung’s archetypes surface from the growing practices of this belief as conceptions emanating into the Conscious mind of the Super-Entity. For the Super-Entity representing our world, the time cycles could be applied to the precession of the equinoxes. This 25,800 year long journey sweeps backwards through twelve ages representing the characters of the Zodiac. We have recently passed out of the Piscean-Age which guided the Super-Entity into an Unconscious discovery. Since the time of Christ the collective population has been guided through this age of holistic healing to reconcile the World towards unification.

The Super-Entity has now entered into the Age of Aquarius which has become identified with an avalanche of scientific conceptions. Inventions from these are helping to keep the Piscean unification together and in order. From this development we can then further explore the Universe with the aim to consciously realising other worlds. This will give further advances to the Super-Entity’s role to seek out other entities in the Universe. The final goal being: to incorporate this modern pantheon to progress for the realization of the monotheistic Supreme-Entity.

Perhaps we can now draw a reasonable assumption from the Supreme-Entity’s purpose: that it could credible to believe from this hypothesis that we are not alone or unique in the Universe. This evolutionary pattern seems to pertain that there are other forms of intelligent alien life on other worlds progressing with their inevitable destinies who will eventually connect with us to advance the development of the Supreme-Entity: whose feedback into our world becomes recognised metaphorically as our true monotheistic omniscient God.


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