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Author: Chris Monument B.Sc. entitist@entitism.com

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Astrology Connection

Take a continuing progressing abstract entity like astrology which is mainly rooted in Enuma Anu Enlil. The Enuma Anu Enlil (1) is a cuneiform inscription on stone tablets which was used to decipher omens and other various contributories associated during the duration of the eclipse (antalu) of the Moon. Texts began the formulation of the Enuma Anu Enlil from the Early Babylonian Period (1750-1600 BC) or possibly earlier but it was not until around the term of the 1st millennium BC did the Enuma Anu Enlil became fully formulated; though it seems planets and stars were originally observed for keeping track of the seasons before becoming integrated with omens which progressed to the creation of astrology (2). British explorer’s uncovered 70 cuneiform texts of the Enuma Anu Enlil in King Assurbanipal’s (668-627 BC) lost library at Nineveh in 1853 alongside the Epics of Gilgamesh and the Creation (3).

 It was not until the Renaissance period (1350-1600) that the Christian faith’s distorted view in support of ancient astrology was broken by Tycho Brahe’s young mathematical assistant, Johannes Kepler in 1609. The Church still purported the Universe as a cyclic perfection circling the Earth at its centre. Without mathematical skill and a telescope and intellectual curiosity to discover the truth the absolute power of the Church became overridden by mathematicians and a new generation of scientists. Though Kepler was a professor of mathematics he practiced the respected ancient art of astrology (though he did not believe in it and made up some convincing predictions) as the only means of supporting himself and his family until he could seal a position with Tycho (4).

Progressive astrology’s persuasion lies in subtle psychological arguments as with Tycho which are sound if you want to learn about creating personalities but today it uses self-convincing overrated statistics such as those correlated by Michel Gauquelin (1928-1991). The ancient Greeks set a Titan and Titaness over each of the planets in our solar system. This belief progressed on, where the Sun, Moon and planets came to represent various Unconscious drives pertaining to our will. Twelve houses were added around the zodiac to represent various stages in the play of life which we eventually become aware of. The characterization of the personality (or personalities) we form within the mind became represented by twelve signs of the Zodiac. The goal is to integrate these various characters within the self and use these wilful forces for practice on the stages emphasising the need to harmonize all these characters within time-cycles of the orbits of the Sun and planets.

French people are cannibals. The misbelieve of astrologers is to try to convince you using syllogisms of similar untruths all the time as the querent is often spellbound by the illusions of their language.

French people are frogs

Frogs eat frog’s legs

French people are cannibals

No one of course would believe this because of our knowledge of the French. Astrology though makes use of corrupting semantics to delude the querent so the astrologer can make money from this self-delusion of possessing a psychological power. What is exposed is the practice of the manipulation of words.

Let’s take a random Zodiac trail:

                                                      Venus in Leo                     Creative partnership

Leo is ruled by the Sun                  Sun in Gemini                    Communicative personality

Gemini is ruled by Mercury           Mercury in Taurus             Communication must have purpose

the trail ends. This reading reveals a creative person who needs to form partnerships; has the ability to communicate ideas; for the purpose of a practical outcome. Thus can be written as:

Creative people need partnerships

Partnerships help develop ideas through communication

Creative people are practical

Creativity and practical go together like imagination and realism which shows some centre ground is needed to allow both extremes to function alongside one another. Although the querent is likely to belief in the later, the former accusation aimed at the French will not convince any reasonable person. This is the Astrologer’s misconstruction by practicing in a world of simile.

This pseudo-science was illustrated by the ancients around 400 BC who reasoned that the practice of astrology could be used to relay messages through their inner being by a pantheon of gods; and the planets were set in motion against the stars in the heavens to preserve the measure of time.

The Classical Greek philosophers (5) went further and perceived the idea of a Supreme-Entity, God who was originally the absolute Soul who split to become an infinite variety of souls called the Different. A progressional concept called the Same was conceived to integrate astrology with God to mirror the movement of the Heavens with the Different. The seed of time originally laid in God’s subconscious until he stirred the Same into motion, breaking-up the eternal into Chaos, begetting the Different and creating Existence. The laws of the eternal Same were also intrinsic to the Different to offer each soul free-will. The state of each soul is inherently divine and carries with it the inherent values of God but succumbs to temptation within the Chaos of our physical dimension.

Two millenniums later, science now radiates which could be said by simile to closely pertain of Sameness. Substance being of pure radiative energy emanates atomic particles (6) of the Different. Self-organization of the Different implies elements have free-will and can succumb to the chance of attraction but within their structure is the intrinsic restraint within mathematical laws. If astrology is to gain any credibility then we have to move away from the esoteric and psychological manipulation and search for a scientific evolutionary link.

The sense-presence of Persinger’s experiments (7) could be described as a kind of inner haunting. A unique challenge was offered to Persinger to solve the mystery of a young woman who was unable to sleep at night. Quite frequently she was being awoken by frightening supernatural experiences which also caused her hallucinations. Putting his theory into practice, he used a coiled aerial and swept the house trying to pick-up on any electromagnetic signals. What he finally discovered was fascinating but also worrying. A clock-radio by her bedside was emitting patterns similar to those used by Persinger in his brain experiments. After the gadget was removed the young women’s paranormal attacks disappeared. Further research into similar occurrences should be investigated before any real credibility should be acknowledged though.

Questioning further, electromagnetic waves from other distant sources may have possibly had a similar effect on neural molecular actions. Hypothetically, our nervous system and brain function could have been influenced by various electromagnetic sources from our nearby environment. If so, then what have these environmental effects had on the evolution of life? High energy particles and other sources of electromagnetic radiation from cosmological bodies such as our Sun and other stars break through the earth’s magnetic shield and collide with neutral molecules in the upper atmosphere producing positive or negative charged molecules creating the ionosphere. Extreme radiation bursts ejected from eruptions on the Sun’s surface cause an extraordinary excitation in atoms high above the Earth’s Polar Regions. The effect of these solar flares is visibly revealed by the phenomenon known as the aurora-lights. Ionospheric storms disturb radio communication, drain power-lines and some believe there is some correlation with depressing illnesses in these regions.

This form of ionic activity radiates various electromagnetic energies as molecules split apart. As in a chain reaction, continuous ionic action can descend to Earth through an exchange of electromagnetic waves between molecules. The whole atmosphere due to this cosmological activity bathes our world with visible (light-waves) and invisible electromagnetic signals of a broad spectrum. Some of these radiated energies may possess certain properties that affect the running of particular bodily functions such as a particular cell function or interferes with our neural circuits in the brain. As our Sun has the greatest impact on life we would become influenced by the daily and seasonal movements of our planet. The Moon partially blocks and interferes with the Sun’s rays but there are other smaller effects, such as gravitational perturbations on the Sun caused by varying aspects between the planets which may cause minor changes in solar activity.

This now invokes a question to be asked. As we seem to be constantly bathed in electromagnetic fields of varying patterns and intensity, are these unknowingly influencing our decisions? From an article on the internet by G William Domhoff (8), he elucidates that the temporal-limbic areas of our brain are a trigger sight for dreaming which again correlates with Persinger’s experiments. It could be quite unnerving to learn that we are subliminally influenced by particular sources of electromagnetic radiation and that our characters and traits are continually evolving through Unconscious activity in the creation of our holistic Universe.


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