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Author: Chris Monument B.Sc. entitist@entitism.com

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Climate of Conspiracy

Billions of cells in our body have evolved to attain a very high level of Consciousness and retain inherent and learnt information Unconsciously which continually functions within, unknowingly to us. Cells communicate together creating a collective living system driven by Conscious and Unconscious processing. We could now apply this to the interaction of many living systems that function together for survival and advancement of the whole life-system.

Our functions are mainly on automatic during our day to day routines, carrying out social obligations under written and unwritten laws. It can become so habitual and acceptable that we become unaware that its securable value has become a permanent feature to the point of an Unconscious act. For the collective whole, humanity through the millenniums has been progressing to become a single living system.

Take a social system for example; politics or a social organization say: that a single party’s mantra has become so tuned into its followers they automatically follow its teachings and beliefs by strong Unconscious convictions even though there are Conscious doubts. A member’s will becomes driven by their on-going integration into the party’s evolution. And as previously mentioned, their contribution to the foundations of this progressive development. This makes it difficult for them to find a way out of this belief because of past incompatibilities with their new brain networks as formerly mentioned; and its re-organised developments within the social system. So it makes life easier not to create conflictions for the mind. In similarity, humans have a tendency to hold onto memories, and material objects as though they find this as a form of psychological security connected with a pleasant memory.

A political belief develops a collective system for its own survival and its members work automatically obeying the rules of its evolving structure. Its survival depends upon every member working collectively otherwise a chaotic transformation sets in and the Consciousness and conscience of its foundations will perish and lapse into the emotional stirrings of Unconscious activity. But there are catalysts in the humanitarian adult system, such as the mavericks, doubters, creators, theorists, trouble-makers and other independent people who trigger these changes so self-organisation allows diversity to continue to prevent a lapse into homogeneity.

Let’s now use this above thought and propose a hypothesis from this question: in the superior humanitarian system, could evolving beings from all societies become integrated as a single entity? It could be that as people we are the Unconscious actions interacting with the Consciousness of a greater collective humanitarian entity; an evolving Super-Entity, becoming the conscience and the hidden force of our destiny. Only by society recognising the subtle course steered by collective actions will they be able to alter the Super-Entity’s destiny.

The new global agenda is climate change which is currently being said to be caused by greenhouse gasses which are increasingly contributing to retaining more of the Sun’s heat. More and more people all over the world are becoming to fear the worse including many world leaders that eventually: the ice caps will melt and cause sea-levels to rise, great storms and floods will destroy towns and cities along rivers, more fertile land will become deserts and Biblical tragedies will become rife across the world, and economies will meltdown. Our worse fears about the end of the world is nigh.

Taxes and the way of life of European democratic-tyrannies depend upon the vast imports and use of fossil fuels from countries which fuel a terrorist threat upon the West. This implies that this new-breed of suicidal religious-fanatics are indirectly financed by Europe, the Far-East and the USA via their buying power of Middle-Eastern oil. The time has now come to destroy this perverse protection-money that cartels, oligarchies and governments give to Middle-Eastern states to protect their countries interests. If oil and gas imports were reduced, stock markets would crash and governments would have slash spending to the point of causing global anarchy.

Reasoning and intelligent debates are currently suppressed by Western powers about climate-change because too much funding and investment has been given to a one-sided argument and payback is now required. Payback to whom? I do not think anybody knows as yet.  Scientists who opposed current theories on greenhouse gases as being the cause of global-warming have been side-lined and many keep quiet as they fear a cut in their personal research, but some speak-up (1). Pseudo-data have become used for spin for a rethink on the amount of energy we release from fossil fuels and for our consumption.

Societies are self-perpetuating this new climatic fear to the point where their own governments have been forced to listen in their respective democracies and climb-aboard to lead their countries to persuade other nations. This feedback between a country’s people and government which has further progressed on to convincing the United-Nations has caused action to be taken in the European Union and slowly in the USA and China are climbing-aboard to invoke new laws to help combat further increases in greenhouse gases.

Growing world terrorism sponsored by Middle-Eastern oil money are now entering their own nuclear age and is this not a mysterious coincidence that the Earth is on a critical climatic shift towards doomsday. What better way to curb the powers of these energy cartels and governments who depend upon fossil-fuels for taxes which otherwise would call for huge slashes in governments’ spending. By perpetuating this climatic fear through misconstruction of data has led to a momentum of change which has become unstoppable in 2008.

Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels will force governments to work with industry for the progression of new-scientific conceptions for creating energy from power-stations to heating systems to powering motor vehicles. This climate of fear helps humanity to conquer two problems at the same time: by depriving threatening nations with the money which drives terrorism and to cause a scientific jump in fuel technology which is held back by our dependence on out-dated forms of energy production.

It would be nigh impossible to keep a conspiracy between nations secret over many years in the 21st century but not if they personally believed in this climatic threat. Our leaders would then be unaware they have been beguiled by their own ignorance in heading this seismic-shift in their own attitude towards our past dependence of fossil-fuels. Behind the scenes the mind of the Super-Entity could be said to have perpetuated terrorism as the only means possible to cause advanced societies to rethink about their dependence on out-dated fuels and the use of primitive mafia-politics and force humanity to progress in its philosophical evolution towards further advances for the survival of the world.

The dreams of the Super-Entity’s Unconscious are also stirring fears in the World’s societies’ about how to deal with the growing population. Conflictions in the Super-Entity’s mind are in a delicate balance of a concern to prevent the next ice-age (2) to allow the release of land from the grip of existing ice. Presently, time needs to be given in these dreams to get over the unfounded nightmares of Humanity’s Conscious belief in its own arrogance; and to deliberate a way to satisfy the Super-Entity’s mind that its own Unconscious part in Nature’s entity (3) is not going to end catastrophically. This means that in the eventual future humanity as with earlier modern-man will be forced to move and adapt to more diverse environmental conditions but in this case cope with the problems caused by ever greater population collectives’.

In a further supposition: the collective aim of every life-form in the Universe is perhaps evolving towards becoming a single Supreme-Entity. Given to our progressive imagination, this could be the new definition of an unreachable monotheistic God. The abstract world of the mind is induced with the capability to create technological advancements to progressively change the way of the world. Ideas are abstractional seeds induced into the mind from what appears to be from genetical coding via archetypes (4). This seed has potential as does the mathematics in cosmology awaiting abstractional discovery. It is though we are discovering the mind of God, because this is one explanation which can be presently be imagined (5) as natural creation, self-organized with the potential to design our known Universe. This also implies that God lives through all matter and its self-evolved creations whether organic or inorganic. But humanity identifies itself as unique on Earth in that the ego believes itself as the messenger (whether of God). It is though a modern-day pantheon is emerging into the psyche: but this time not local gods created upon ancient metaphorical meanings or from pseudo-scientific metaphysical theories of Greek philosophers; but a progression into a scientific-psychological theology about living collective systems controlling our destiny in the modern world.


1 The Great Global Warming Swindle. Written & Directed by Martin Durkin. Wag TV Production (2007) on Channel 4.

2 To prevent the Oceans heat transfer by the conveyer-belt system from turning off; or perhaps allowing enough heat to reach the poles at the expense of populations nearer the poles to evolve to harsher conditions. Evolving technologies would enable protection from this heat as it does today from the cold at the poles.

3 You begin to understand the reason why the ancients’ introduced metaphorical relationships between the ancient gods and aspects of Nature.

4 Jung’s Archetypes will be discussed later in “The Ancients designed their gods”.

5 Since the ancient’s, explanations of underlying powers whether natural or technological has always been given that there must be a greater power at work to make this comprehendible.