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In ancient times, disagreement amongst the gods induced emotional characteristics into mortals whose behaviour was projected as shadows of the gods as played-out in Homer’s works passed down from earlier times with stories of Iliad (Troy) and The Odyssey. By way of a new phase of unconscious-evolution, shaped the characteristics of civilization by subliminal and subconscious processes feeding these progressing meta-entities. With the advent of monotheism, metaphorical gods were no longer attributed to explaining the diverse aspects of Nature. This new conceptual Supreme-entity began encompassing the characteristics and behaviour of all the other ancient gods.

After the first integration of ideas after Babylonian East met West, philosophers of Classical Greece and later the early Church’s influences from Claudius Ptolemaeus’ (c AD 100-178) work, the heavens, astronomy and astrology became philosophised as a higher realm of souls. Ptolemaeus’ astrological system became connected into Plato’s work on the Same and Different until branded as heresy during the arrival of Catholicism (founded by Constantine I: c AD 272-337) until a Polish heretic called Nicolaus Copernicus (AD 1473-1543) saw the first glimmer of light.

A further nature of the Shadow influences people as a controlling extension of the self, implying a psychological entity creating religio-social networks. To fear the Father of the gods whose heavenly world must be reflected on Earth, brought respect to hierarchy, and brought order to society and family.

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