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Author: Chris Monument B.Sc. entitist@entitism.com

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Mind of Entities

              Brain’s neural processing

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                 MIND mediates:




                                         Inner soul?

Let’s hypothesize that neural processing causes the brain to seek out beyond its own comprehension (evolve and progress); to raise itself to a higher level. Competition between the neural networks (whether competing thoughts, ideas, sensory priorities, instincts, etc) ‘takes on a life of its own, developing a META-MIND. The brain’s characteristic function would also adhere to evolutional properties such as struggle and/or adaption for survival, hence the competing aspect between networks. The Mind would not have overall control, as it would not really exist physically because at this level of evolution, an act of arbitration would develop as networks somehow, would have to adapt within a symbiotic environment. Why should the rules of evolution be any different for brain function? To think this is happening in your brain would somehow have you feeling somewhat eerie.

Thinking about the evolution of human brains in a society during their life-times, we could compare it basically to the media tradition in a free society. We could use an analogy about trying to regulate the media in a democracy for what is in the public interest. This is somewhat a paradox as true freedom and state-regulation is not possible. Who decides what is appropriate, it just cannot happen; it evolves by self-regulation as in self-organization. So the message in the media has to progress along with the morals and codes a society decides to live by. If a state regulates the media, then the regulatory body set up will suppress true freedom of investigation and research into what could be in the public interest; to allow the public the freedom to know who they are really voting for. What is commonly known as” keeping the mind in check”, would cause some ineffectual and vulnerable fields of neural networks to adapt to dominating networks for their survival (or use) and for now, others will become repressed.  What is revealed about the Mind is that its character forms a pattern of behaviour which enables other minds to read one another and familiarity causes groups to be formed. As various groups form, competing of interests form, and the need to control others by reasons unknown (unconscious) to them which enables the enlargement of the dominating group. If specific neural networks are isolated from any action (being isolated by dominating networks) their metabolism could be hindered (unless they can hibernate) and normal cyclic cell behaviour will cease which may lead to apoptosis. Another thought about the competition process is, could competing networks pass on a molecule to destroy their competitor, when referring to the behaviour of micro-societies mirroring macro-societies? For example: what happens in the neural realm must be reflected as the character of a human entity. I think, therefore I am.

A reason why we have evolved well beyond other animals is that humans have neural networks allowing the Mind’ self-recognition by innate dominating network(s) which set in motion a survival-process which could be mistaken by conscious thought to seek the possibility of  immortality. The mind recognises familiarities with other minds and societies could be conjectured to an unconscious connection with meta-entity minds beyond our knowing as yet. Descartes quote, “I think therefore I am”, should be rephrased, “I think because the micro-societies’ behaviour of my neural networks created my mind so that the survival of my body can keep them alive”. “I feel conscious and aware of myself in the world because my neural networks need other minds to create technological progression for human societies so that they live longer. There is symbiosis between neural behaviour and societies for the protection of animal and human bodies; and DNA has become a recent acknowledgement for protection, to improve upon for the benefit of survival.

Though the brain has developed a processing system in analogy or comparison to a computer system, (a reflection into technology but unemotional) there is this question of evolutional behaviour. Cell networks which display behavioural or processing characteristics, akin to their own communities, would by evolutionary standards are protective of their respective community and try to become dominant by using the strengths inherent in their particular fields of processing. This implies that competition to become dominant for the survival of their respective networks would cause dominance to control specific characteristics and behaviour. Therefore, inherent in the processing brain, remains the fundamental nature of the process of evolutionary progression; returning to an evolutionary symbiotic relationship between various processing and behavioural network communities.

* The Processing System – automatic hardwired system

* MIND – Evolutionary self-organized Conscious/Unconscious mediator or arbiter

* will – Unconsciously driven

     * Emotion – Disagreements between various networks caused by evolutionary dominance for survival of a community.

Positive emotion induces a synergy between unified network communities creating a feeling of high confidence and satisfaction to the Mind, or is this illusionary or deceptive to Consciousness? Negative emotion applies to a singular network’s need for evolutionary survival, implicating selfish self-serving; while positive emotion enables the unification of not just various networks as a need for their survival but also the ability to synergize with other people (1) for the survival of a like-minded community. During negative emotion, competing networks conflict and disunite the parts of the physical body of which contribute to stress.

Various networks gain a common understanding of others’ communities’ behaviour; such as mirroring another’s behaviour, to somehow imitate and learn the opposition’s tactics; constantly adapting and progressing from each other’s strengths, able at times to compete or attack another network’s weakness. This further questioning may lead to a clue to the evolution of the archetype’s information brought about from mirroring behaviour, evoking common characteristics throughout the whole brain network. This could suggest that mediation of the Mind evolved and became driven by this archetypal behaviour permeating throughout all networks. Mirroring allows networks or brains an indirect means of borrowing information, such as by way of analogy; or copying a person’s characteristics or behavioural pattern, then adapting this into their local environment to further progress.

What about the MIND of the Super-entity?

SUPER MIND mediates:

Social communities        |

Civilizations                    | simulating neuronal networks

Countries                       |

external sensing


greater learning for a common motive (survival)

The direction of Worldly Consciousness ‘takes on a MIND of its own’ which causes humanity’s future to evolve according to the Super-entity’s decision (2). The complexities of a Worldly system is locked into its own evolving networks which become irreversible (after its founders have been lost—analogous to apoptosis—knowledge was transferred to a library (3) ) creating an inevitable direction during its own evolution and progression; and only when these situations have been played-out and learnt will future Super-entity decisions based on past events become inevitable again.

It is this higher phenomenon which seems invoked from an entity giving rise to the MIND with its various levels of Unconsciousness and Consciousness. In the course of our evolution we seek out something beyond ourselves directed by the behaviour of the MIND with its levels of separation from the physical pertaining to abstractionism.

If the MIND is a higher self-organizing abstractional feature of evolution, as mathematics is for the basic laws of the physical Universe, then this implies sets of algorithmic laws where a physical entity becomes controlled by the MIND and not visa-versa as previously implied. This then could mean that physical (classical or quantum) entities are complexities of the MIND like mathematics is to the laws of physical evolution; and the progression of scientific technologies (to extent our sensing) depend upon the MIND; implying that mathematics and the MIND are analogous to one another. DNA could be analogised with the op-codes of a Universal programming language called MIND.

The Abstractional Power of the MIND

Computerization and the eventual design of smart robots could be construed as a conceptual Shadow of MIND and within these inventions is a mystery which may reveal a mechanism within the Unconscious. Mortal progression becomes possible through this function allowing recognition for MIND to become aware if only to solve the clues left in the wake of technological invention. This evokes feedback which eventually invokes awareness of Universal laws to help further progress MIND’s eventual goal which continues to remain shrouded in mystery.

Algorithms are designed into microprocessing systems to manipulate binary codes to simulate mathematical laws and physically transfer information by way of electrons. Clues to the mysteries of abstraction may be hidden within the projection of our Shadow.

Whoever has most influence over the world-wide-web (www) under the influence of the OS will determine the behaviour of its users. Links with enigmatic www controller(s) and feedback with addicted users will automatically cause a further expansion of Consciousness for the collective of networkers or the unseen high-mind. You may also say this of other media (newspapers, radio and TV) and mobile-phone technology but with computer-networking there is more freedom of information allowing greater access to follow personal desires without interference from mother countries.


1 Mirroring

2 A cause of conspiracies.

3 Hameroff & Penrose – storage in microtubules