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Author: Chris Monument B.Sc. entitist@entitism.com

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Reborn into another Universe to Live Out an Alternative Decision

The progression of life from particles, atoms, molecules, proteins to DNA are in themselves missing a unique identity. Cloning from a template should in theory make possible for an identical Consciousness, but this does not prove possible. Consciousness is not created from the building blocks of life but is driven by the actions within its own Entity. A unique entity begins life when it consciously senses something outside itself. This enables interaction with external sources causing changes within the entity which in itself could hypothetically be a collective of other Conscious entities disguised as the Unconscious, evolving Chaotic processes. Advanced entities eventually learn which leads to memory, and becoming aware of this memory provides historical knowledge. A progression of knowledge eventually leads to perception and prediction by reference to the cyclic nature of history which is perhaps intrinsically caused by the same repeated patterns pertaining to the fractal behaviour of Chaos.

Paradoxes would be caused if you went back in time: to meet yourself, kill an ancestor or alter some other event. If your future-Entity (future Consciousness-cum-Unconsciousness) went back in time to meet your past-Entity (past Consciousness-cum-Unconsciousness) this would have the same effect as your past self becoming 100% truly cloned identity to create a future-self and same laws would have to apply to prevent this. There are those who would argue that a clone can be created from the image of our DNA template, not unlike cloning computers using op-codes in our 3-dimensional Universe.  Twin partners though can be very opposite in behaviour possessing independent Consciousnesses; unless one argues being joined from the hip and connecting into a split-Consciousness. A computer simulates a unique identity when being operated by a user; and in the future a robot’s behaviour will reflect the experience, knowledge and personality of the programmer; therefore true cloning of an animate form in our existing 3-dimensional Universe looks impossible. Perhaps the clue to a unique Consciousness will lie with the user’s influence behind the scenes.

The idea that one day you could use relativity to go back in time and meet yourself; or perhaps cross-over into another parallel universe and meet yourself after taking an alternate decision needs some kind of natural safeguard to protect the space-time continuum. An infinite multitude of alternate parallel universes which play out every decision in life compares to that of Schrödinger’s cat.

Could this relativity paradox be avoided by applying a verse of simile in quantum behaviour: that of teleportation, depicted in Star Trek as the transporter-beam. Teleportation is the ability to transport quantum information depicting the object to be transported from one time-reference to another time-reference in our Universe. It has been demonstrated that light-particles (photons) can be teleported (1) across the river Danube relying on the natural phenomenon of quantum-entanglement. In a hypothetical scenario, this could state that you could teleport your molecular information to another place but not before your original self is destroyed. This would then prevent the paradox of meeting up with your cloned double or treble, etc., etc. But would this be a clone be your previous Entity?

Let’s take another scenario: could we ever live again after death? The probability of our molecules becoming recreated again after our death would be outweighed by the life span of our Universe. But what if the theory of teleportation was a natural process adapted across parallel universes? This then would state we could only exist in one universe at a time to prevent the paradox. Dying then becomes a signal from your entangled partner that you are becoming reborn into another universe to live out an alternative decision.

The thought of a Conscious dimension implies what has been termed as the spiritual-realm which invokes the idea that Entitism would become the driving force behind evolution. If this were true, then this spiritual-dimension could perhaps prevent identical entities and allow for reincarnation.

Then how can we account for the progression of the species? When a specie dies its entangled partner would mirror accordingly with the evolutionary genetic changes and its information automatically teleported into a new existence. The inherited attributes of a past life would then have to match the genetics and spiritual attributes of its new parents at conception; a new life, different parents; and not limited by the life span of a universe. Karma would then contain an intrinsic nature of religious justice which prescribes your new parents becoming a reflection of your past actions, meaning whoever shall soweth will reepeth.

To reduce the odds in favour of reincarnation amongst the realms of infinite parallel universes we could conjecture that the Supreme-entity has the potential to re-evolve. In simile to its make-up, human DNA possesses the genetic code of all their ancestral species descending the branches of the tree to the root of the original life-form from which they evolved from. This would mean the creation of an exact copy of the evolutionary process from the Big Bang to the end of the Universe which also implies that our Universe will have to vanish from this existence sometime in the future. By this hypothesis we would continually reiterate the same life and make the same mistakes and decisions over and over again and that religious justice has no meaning and self-determination has no place but the only consolation is being reborn again with no memories of a previous life.

If these infinite realms exist then this suggests a ‘sea of souls’ in a quantum foam; and entanglements of particles causing reincarnation from this spiritual realm into an alternate physical dimension, like the journey of the soul of ancient Egypt. Discrete particles amongst the quantum foam in a holographic Universe (2) move about through a space-time continuum. Science and religion (3) are compared in simile where religion became invoked from science and visa-versa.


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