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If God created the Universe and life, then some phenomena must have created this God? You cannot believe in this blind perpetuation that God has always existed since the dawn of the origin of this infinite time. The progression of the Greek linguistics gave humanity the power to philosophise by way of semantics (semantikos). For the purpose of explaining the conception of the gods: let’s invert the notion of the Russian doll or Iyengar’s yoga analogy of peeling away the layers of an onion skin which represent levels of the Mind. In this way, instead of searching inwards which becomes limited by smallness, we explore outwardly and beyond our barriers towards infinite expansionism; in the same way our Universe inflates continually creating dimensions in time. Gods began as natural characteristics of the local environment; to become structured into pantheistic levels of powers. The higher the level of a god, the more powerful its metaphorical nature; such as the Sun-god who encumbered all other deities because he was recognised as giving and maintaining all life. The Greek concept of God implied all other manifestations of Nature, including all gods and goddesses were part pieces of his Universal soul. Today we have thought and hypothesized further and conceived the existence of infinite parallel universes; and our progressed minds conceived that the nature of things came into existence by way of Chaotic stirrings that generated phenomena which enable evolution to create differences and the same (copies); and by way self-organization created the universes without the misunderstanding of needing a blind belief using primitive deities in order to create some sense of the Universe for the instinctive purpose of survival, the only notion to explain at present of an eternal existence. Deities pointed the Mind of humanity to continually search outward and beyond comprehension on a continual quest, driven by basic instinct for survival by way of this obsession in the belief that one day we will become consciously aware of a continued existence beyond this immediate Conscious life. In our perception of time; from the time we go to sleep to the time we awaken, it seems but an instance and not a lapse of hours, as we continue our objective from the previous day.

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