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Evolution would be the best way forward in any divine plan in order to bring about species which adapt and learn to live via a symbiotic and nutritional environment. Inherited competition and survival forces progression; and the mutational potential to create humans; and know doubt the same possibility to create a more advanced-being beyond modern-man’s capability using technology created by progenitors.

Could there be a theological reason for evolution. One such reason would be the design of an entitative system which enables symbiotic developments throughout the evolving species system. This would be the only way a living system could evolve and progress, while some species die out in time, those which can adapt to a continual changing environment will survive. Theologically in this Universe, this would be the only way to create learning sentient and intelligent entities.

To use the Biblical argument, ‘man was special and given life on Earth after the initial Creation’ is lost in reason. How could he have adapted to the environment which would be incompatible both consciously and unconsciously, with no inherency to allow a symbiotic connection. This could also be a problem in the future if humans colonize other planets containing life-forms. We need various bacteria in certain proportions to survive because we are symbiotically connected with them. It would be difficult to naturally survive on other alien life-form planets because the infiltration of bacterial equivalents would not be symbiotically compatible. On other living planets, food eaten will contain different proportions of minerals and vitamins for human consumption, and poisoning would become a problem without inherited instinctive smell and taste for that alien planet.

The age of the Universe is assumed at present to be around 14 billion years old, but the age of what we could term meta-space itself (which our universe in enlarging into since the Big Bang theory) outside our universe, perhaps amongst infinite others, would imply a meta-time being infinite in age. The mathematical and physical framework which enables the formation and evolution of a universe could also imply a previous evolution brought about by some form of ungodlike meta-Creator. Consider having to accept this, would bring confusion to both religious and scientific minded people.

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